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Now bifacial – The updated Schletter Tracker

Just in time for intersolar, we have fine-tuned our tracker for even more yield. With the installation of bifacial modules, energy yield can be increased by up to 10 percent.


This is made possible by an almost completely shade-free reverse side of the module tables. We adjusted them so that the modules can be installed without shading, i.e. without any disturbing metal struts, etc. An additional feature is that, unlike most single-axis tracking systems, our Tracker does not require a central torque tube at the pivot point of the table. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to module arrangement and the use of bifacial modules in particular.


This did of course not change the key design advantage of the Schletter Tracker. The system works with a patented mechanical self-locking system, i.e. there is a mechanical locking element on each post, which locks automatically if the row is not moved. This eliminates all wind-induced vibrations (so-called galloping effect) for the entire row. When in the resting position, the system therefore has the characteristics and resilience of a fixed installation, suitable for wind speeds of up to 260 km/h.


The upper assembly group with the drive unit is delivered pre-assembled. This means that the system can be installed almost as quickly as a fixed installation. The Tracker was introduced in 2018 and has already been sold in Europe, Africa and Australia. The first system with bifacial modules went live at a project in Bavaria at the beginning of this year. You can find more information about our Tracker here:

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